DBC Consultants provides a full range of design services, including conceptual design, design and working documentation, author supervision, technical support during approval in state / non-state expertise, coordination in all necessary authorities.

Carlos Abreu Duarte

Design services includes:

·  Development and coordination with the client of task brief and design assignment, including the development of task brief for engineering surveys;
·  Architectural concept development and object master plan;
·  Preliminary technical and economic parameters object development;
·  Possible risks assessments;
·  Development of a task brief for obtaining necessary initial data and permitting documentation;
·  General designer functions;
·  Design and working documentation development consisting of sections:
    • Architectural solutions
    • Structural solutions
    • Interiors design
    • Master plan
    • Information about engineering networks and equipment/engineering projects:
      • Ventilation and air conditioning systems;
      • Lighting systems and power supply;
      • CCTV systems;
      • Access control systems;
      • Structured cable networks;
      • Fire alarm systems;
      • Fire extinguishing systems;
      • Warning and evacuation control systems;
      • Integrated Security Systems;
      • Special low current and information systems;
      • Process solutions;
    • Construction method statement;
    • List of environmental protection measures;
    • Fire safety measures;
    • Measures to ensure access for disabled people;
    • Energy efficiency measures;
    • Other documentation provided by law;
·         Support of the developed design documentation in the Expertise, including the State Expertise;
·         Author supervision during the construction period;
·         Providing consultancy services during the design development;
·         Evaluation of design and working documentation in terms of the efficiency and feasibility of the adopted design decisions, development of proposals for optimizing such solutions;
·         Tender data preparation (tender package) for construction and installation works.

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