DBC Consultants provides a full range of design services, including conceptual design, design and working documentation, author supervision, technical support during approval in state / non-state expertise, coordination in all necessary authorities.

Carlos Abreu Duarte

Project management

Assess the goals, agree the strategy, prepare the plan, organise the team and deliver the results

Carlos Abreu Duarte

Technical Client

Manage the paperwork, liaise with the authorities, implement the requirements, check the works and obtain the approvals

Carlos Abreu Duarte

General Contractor

Control the site, ensure the safety, manage the contractors, co-ordinate the activities, prepare the paperwork and handover the works.

Carlos Abreu Duarte

Cost management

Consider the task, assess the risk, establish the budget, check the designs and control the contractors

Andrew Blythe

Other services

Do the ground work now and save your time and money (and job) in the long run