Cargill Sunflowers Seeds Processing Plant, Novoanninsky, Volgograd Region, Russia

Description1950 T/day of processing capacity. The plant is located in a 30 Ha. site.
ClientCargill Sunflowers
RoleConstruction Management and Technical Client Function
Program4th quarter 2013- 3rd quarter 2015

Protein raw materials production complex, Oryol Region, Russia

DescriptionConstruction of a high-tech oil extraction plant with a processing capacity of 1,200 tons of oilseeds a day. Application of effective deep processing technologies allow to receive annually up to 170 thousand tons of vegetable oil and 230 thousand tons of soy meal - a valuable component for animal feed.
RoleGeneral Designer, stage P, expertize, working documentation

Dairy Farm projects

DescriptionComplex Dairy Farm project for growing 6000 Milk Cows in Moscow region, Russia.
ClientTH True Milk (Vietnam)
RoleCalculating the cost of construction

Expansion of plywood production at the SVEZA Novator plant, Velikiy Ustug, Russia

DescriptionPlywood factory "Sveza Novator" implements an investment program for the construction of high-tech lines. The equipment is installed as part of a project to increase the output of plywood by 52 thousand cubic meters annually. The new full-cycle processing line will produce large-format laminated plywood and other products.
RoleProject management and Technical Client functions

Milk processing plant reconstruction, Vologodskaya Oblast, Russia

DescriptionCreating a large modern dairy plant with a capacity of processing raw milk to 500 tons per day. The objective of the project is to embody the best Russian and international dairy production practices.
Client“Severnoye Moloko” (“North milk”)
RoleGeneral Designer, stage P, expertize, working documentation, author supervision

Various Projects, Danone

RolePlant upgrades in several locations in the Samara region.
Program2nd quarter 2016 - 4th quarter 2016

Potash Enrichment Plant, Perm, Russia

DescriptionConstruction of new facility (size)
ClientRenaissance Construction
RoleProject management and quality control
Program1st quarter 2016 - 3rd quarter 2016

Volvo VCE , Construction Equipment Assembly Plant in Kaluga

ClientVolvo Vostok
RoleConstruction management and Technical Client role for the process installations packages
ProgramCompleted, SOP in June 2013

EFES Russia, New Organization Network

ClientEfes Russia
RoleProject and cost management in a number of renovation projects in several EFES plants
Program4th quarter 2013 - 2nd quarter 2014

Chicken Meat Production Farm, Atyrau, Kazakhstan

ClientMeken Chicken
RoleConstruction Management
ProgramOngoing Project, completion on IV quarter 2016

Construction of a new chipboards production plant, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia

RoleProject Management and Technical Client Role
ProgramOngoing Project, completion on III quarter 2016.

Kolmar New Coal Mine Enrichment Complex, Yakutia, Russia

RoleProject Development Strategy Consultant. Project Management Consultant
ProgramOn going, SOP in IV quarter 2015

Astra Zeneca Pharma Plant, 2nd Phase, Obnisk, Kaluga Region

ClientAstra Zenica
RoleProcurement Management And Construction Control
ProgramOn going, SOP in IV quarter 2015

Linpac Packaging Plant, Orsha, Belorussia

RoleProject Management and site supervision
Program4th quarter 2013 – 3rd quarter 2014

Armstrong New Mineral Fibre Ceiling Tile Plant at Alabuga, Russia

RoleProcurement Management for selection of the General Contractor and Process installation contractor.

Halliburton Maintenance and Logistics Base, New Urengoy, Russia

RoleCost Consultant

Halliburton Liquid Mud Plant in Bautino, Kazakhastan

RoleQS Services and Project Development Strategy Consultancy

Saint-Gobain, Chelyabinsk, Russia

DescriptionNew Glass Wool Line
ClientSaint-Gobain Chelyabinsk
RoleValue Engineering/ Project Program and Realization Strategy Consultancy/ Cost Consultancy

Radius South Gate Logistics Complex, Moscow Region, Russia

ClientUniCredit Bank Austria AG
RoleLoan Monitoring
ProgramCompleted in 4th quarter 2012

Pilkington Glass, Moscow Region, Russia

RoleCost Consultancy

New Pharmaceutical Innovation and Production Facilities, St. Petersburg, Russia

ClientPM Group
RoleCost Consultancy, Cost Plan Estimation

AVON Plant reconstruction and upgrade, Moscow region

ClientAvon Beauty Products Co.
RoleProject Management
Program3rd quarter 2017 – 3rd quarter 2018

Plant of hydrogenation of vegetable oils, Kazakhstan

DescriptionBasic engineering and technological equipment consultance
ClientEurasian Foods Corporation
RoleDesign management
Program3d quarter 2017 - 2nd quarter 2018

Plant hangar(s) Working Design, Tula region

DescriptionWorking documentation development
RoleDesign management
Program3d quarter 2017 - 3d quarter 2018


Simferopol Airport, Crimea

DescriptionConstruction of new terminal and asscoiated buildings and infrastructure, overall approximately 110,000m2
ClientООО «Международный аэропорт «Симферополь»
RoleProject management, technical client and cost management
Program3rd quarter 2015 - 1st quarter 2018

Gelendzhik Airport, Gelendzhik, Russia

DescriptionConstruction of a new terminal of the airport of 10 000 square meters and will be designed for a capacity of 890 people per hour and 635 thousand people annually
ClientGelendzhik Airport LLC
RoleProject management and Technical Client functions

Pulkovo Airport, St. Petersburg Duty Free construction

DescriptionAirport Duty Free Shopping construction
RoleProject and cost management
ProgramCompletion 4th quarter 2013

Pulkovo Airport, St Petersburg

DescriptionTerminal One refurbishment, approximately 35,000m2 and airside manitenance base, approximately 16,000m2
ClientNorthern Capital Gateway
RoleStage P design cost estimations
Program1st quarter 2014

Airport development, Khabarovsk

Description Airport development
ClientKhabarovsk Internatonal Airport
RoleTechnical Client
Program4th quarter 2017 - 3d quarter 2019



DescriptionFeasibility report on construction of shopping malls in 10 cities around Russia
ClientWanda (Chinese developer)
RolePreparation of report on cost, land issues, approval procedures, procurement strategy, contracting, etc.
Program2nd and 3rd quarters 2015

Trade House Central Military Universal Department Store, Moscow, Russia

Description Reconstruction of Trade House ‘Central Military Universal Department Store’, Moscow
ClientFosun Eurasia Capital
RoleCost management
Program1st quarter 2018 – 4th quarter 2019

Pulkovo Outlet, St. Petersburg, Russia

DescriptionNew outlet village, which comprises shopping and restaurant area, covered area, car park for ~2,166 spaces, ancillary area, landscaping and associated utilities
RoleCost management for preconstruction and construction stages. Life cycle cost estimation
ProgramCompletion 3rd quarter 2014

Belaya Dacha Outlet, Moscow, Russia

DescriptionPhase II of the outlet retail complex, which comprises additional retail space with associated management facilities, external walkways, car parking, road and utility construction
RoleProject budget development, cost management for preconstruction and construction stages
ProgramCompletion 4th quarter 2014

Topcon Positioning Systems, Moscow

DescriptionOffice fit-out carried out in four phases, approximately 2,700m2
ClientTopcon Positioning Systems
RoleProject and cost management
Program4th quarter 2016 - 3d quarter 2017

Boston Scientific, Moscow

DescriptionOffice fit-out, approximately 300m2
ClientPM Group
RoleEstimating and procurement
Program3rd quarter 2015

Trade Centre construction, Moscow region

DescriptionTrade Centre construction
ClientSanganway Limited (Moscow branch)
RoleCost management
Program4th quarter 2017 - 4th quarter 2019


Hyatt Regency, Moscow

DescriptionFit-out of new hotel for Hyatt Regency, approximately 68,000m2
RoleBudget estimations on the MEP services
Program4th quarter 2015 - 2nd quarter 2016

Hyatt Regency, Rostov-on-Don

DescriptionFit-out of new hotel for Hyatt Regency, approximately 64,000m2
ClientDon Plaza
RoleProject management, technical client and cost management
Program2nd and 3rd quarters 2016

Grand Hotel Europe, St. Petersburg

DescriptionHistoric façade restoration and interior renovation works, including lobby, suite rooms, conference halls, restaurant and kitchen
ClientOrient Express
RoleProject Management and Cost Management
Program2nd quarter 2012 - 2nd quarter 2014

Private House in Razdory, Moscow

DescriptionLuxury private house construction
RoleQuantity Surveying and Project Management
Program2nd quarter 2013 - 4th quarter 2015

Private Residence, Barvikha

DescriptionPrivate residence in the Moscow region, approximately 5,500m2
RoleTechnical client, approvals management, cost and procurement management
Program2nd quarter 2014 - 1st quarter 2015

Private Apartment, Moscow

DescriptionRefurbishment of apartments in Moscow, approximately 1,400m2
RoleCost management
Program1st quarter 2015 - 4th quarter 2017

The NARKOMFIN house reconstruction, Moscow

DescriptionRestoration and adaptation for the modern use the cultural heritage site
ClientLiga Prav
RoleCost Management
Program1st quarter 2018 - 4th quarter 2018


Skolkovo Innovation Center, Techno-Park and University, Moscow, Russia

RoleCost consultancy including the SMETA (Cost Estimation) preparation for Federal State Expertise approvals

American Embassy, Moscow, Russia

DescriptionEmbassy Facilities Extension
ClientMorris Wade Associates Inc
RoleCost Consultancy and Project Realization and Approvals Methodology Consultancy

Technopark Skolkovo, Sberbank Office, Moscow, Russia

DescriptionTechnopark Sberbank is a modern multifunctional platform for the implementation of innovative projects of the bank. The Technopark concept was developed by the architects of the world famous British bureau Zaha Hadid Architects. GBA is over 260 000m2
ClientZaha Hadid Architects
RoleCalculating the cost of construction and consultations regarding the construction technology at the development of a conceptual project